Stay Safe This Summer with 7 Simple Pool Safety Tips

Cannonball! There’s no better way to beat the summer heat than making a splash in your very own pool. But backyard swimming pools in Vancouver can be a source of serious danger if you’re not careful. Stay safe this summer with these seven tips.

1. Invest in some lessons
All swimmers with access to your pool should take swimming lessons, adults and children alike. Swimming lessons will ensure that everyone in the family is comfortable in the water and understands the importance of water safety.

2. Enclose it
Don’t count on the fence around your backyard to keep kids and pets from entering the pool. Take extra steps to ensure that your pool is enclosed on all sides and access is restricted. That way no one can wander in to the pool area without your knowledge.

3. Stick together
Even if your kids are strong swimmers, children should always be under adult supervision while in the pool. When left unsupervised, they may take risks that they wouldn’t dare if an adult was watching. Better safe than sorry. Never let anyone swim alone.

4. Plan for the worst
Make sure that everyone in your family knows what to do in the event of an emergency. Establish a set of house rules to keep everyone safe while swimming and review it regularly. At the same time, go over the life-saving techniques taught in swimming class. Keep throwing assists and a first aid kit in close proximity to the pool.

5. Pick up your toys
Get in the habit of having everyone put away pool toys and equipment when they are done swimming for the day. Small toys can get sucked into the filter and cause serious damage to the filtration system. If this happens, call a professional pool service like Imperial Paddock Pools to remove the object and repair any damage.

6. Always wear sunscreen
When swimming during the day with clear skies, protect your skin with a good quality waterproof sunscreen and reapply every few hours. Swimming during extreme weather conditions such as thunderstorms, windstorms, or snowstorms can be dangerous, and we suggest refraining from swimming during those times. Night swimming is acceptable when other safety rules are followed in conjunction, and also when pools have adequate night-time lighting.

7. Protect the water quality
Only regular pool maintenance can keep the water clean, pure and chemically balanced. Test regularly and check your circulation and filtration systems often. Hiring a professional pool service to take care of weekly pool maintenance can save you time and money.

For professional and reliable pool service, call Imperial Paddock Pools today. From pool maintenance, cleaning, system upgrades and replacements, water analysis, warranty work to pool repairs, we take care of Vancouver’s pools. Contact us today to learn more about our pool services or to book an appointment in the Greater Vancouver area today.

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