How to Get Your Pool Ready for Summer

skimming pool
As cherry trees begin to blossom in Vancouver, and the sun warms your skin, you may find yourself looking longingly at your pool.

Opening your pool for summer is an exciting, highly-anticipated time. But there are several pool maintenance steps you need to take in Vancouver before anyone lands that first cannonball.

Assuming that you closed properly, it should be a stress-free event. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Clean debris from the cover. Before removing your pool cover, blow off the leaves and other winter debris that has accumulated on it. If there’s standing water on the cover, pump it off to prevent it from entering the pool.
  2. Remove pool cover. Once you have the cover off the pool, use a high-powered spray to clean it. Then lay it flat to dry in the sun. Once it’s completely dry, fold it up and store it in a cool, dry place.
  3. Check skimmer water level. For the pump to circulate water properly, the water level should come to the middle of the skimmer basket opening. Since water tends to dissipate over the winter, you may need to add more water to your pool.
  4. Attach pool accessories. While waiting for the pool to fill, check the pool ladders, diving board and slide for damage or loose bolts. Once everything looks good, attach them to the pool.
  5. Reassemble pump and filter. After months of pool inactivity, you should check to make sure that the pipes, hoses, and filter are tight, and there are no loose screws around your pump and filtration systems. Turn on the pump and let it run for 8 to 12 hours. We recommend pool owners leaving their pumps running year-round, with the installation of bypass heaters.
  6. Test the chemical balance. After the pump has run for 8 to 12 hours, it’s time to get out the test kit. Fill the test tube with water at least 18 inches below the surface, away from the pump inlet. Add the test-specific reagent, place the cap on the tube and give it a shake. Follow kit instructions based on the results.
  7. Take inventory of equipment and supplies. Test your cleaning equipment to see if it works. Make sure you have all your sanitization agents on hand and stored in a safe place. Is there a first aid kit within easy reach of the pool? Check the fence to make sure it is in good shape and that the gate gently closes on its own.

If you need pool service in Vancouver, count on the experts at Imperial Paddock Pools Ltd. We also offer a range of pool supplies to Vancouver residents and businesses. To schedule an appointment, contact us today!
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