8 Essential Items for Maintaining Your Pool

pool equipment
In the Greater Vancouver area, lazy days spent relaxing by the pool are just around the corner. That makes spring the perfect time to take stock of your pool equipment in Burnaby.

By ensuring that you have all the necessary items now, you will enjoy a clean, healthy pool all season long.

Equipment and supply checklist for your pool

  1. Pump. A good quality pump is a pool owner’s most essential piece of equipment. Pools are giant basins of standing water, so you need a pump large enough to circulate the water through the filtration system to keep it clean.
  2. Filter. As the pump circulates water, the filter sifts out debris and tiny particles that accumulate in the pool. The lower the micron rating of the filter, the more contaminants it removes from the water.
  3. Vacuum. Some debris sinks to the bottom of the pool before the filter has a chance to remove it. A pool vacuum will help you get it off the bottom before it turns to sludge. Pool vacuums are systems with hose attachments that connect to the pool pump through the skimmer basket. There are a variety of different vacuums available; plaster vacuum heads are a common type.
  4. Automatic cleaner. More of a luxurious item for a pool-owner, also known as a “crawler,” this robotic device does the vacuuming for you. They are a lifesaver if you’re away for a few days or if you dislike vacuuming in general. Just toss it in each night and jump into a freshly cleaned pool the next morning.
  5. Skimmer. You’ll likely use this tool the most often, even between swims. Use your skimmer to remove insects, leaves, and other debris floating on the surface of the water. No one likes diving into a pool full of bugs!
  6. Solar cover. A great investment for both heated and unheated pools. It resembles a massive sheet of bubble wrap and uses the sun to keep heat and chemicals in. A very useful piece of equipment which can cut costs down on your energy, water, and chemical bills.
  7. Chemicals. Swimming pools need to be sanitized regularly to remove unhealthy pathogens from the water. Adding chemicals to the water is a scientific balancing act of sanitizer, pH, alkalinity and calcium hardness agents.
  8. Test kit. You will need a pool test kit to check the pH balance and chlorine levels on a regular basis to keep it safe and crystal clear. We suggest using this kit to check pH and chlorine levels at LEAST once a week. The more you test your pool, the better the water quality will be.

If you’re looking for pool supplies in Burnaby, you can find all the essential items listed here in our pool store. Our knowledgeable staff will help you find exactly the right tools for the job.

We also provide pool maintenance to residents in Burnaby and the Greater Vancouver area. Our pool specialists are happy to come to your home and assess any problems. Book your appointment today!
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