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Swimming Pool Safety

Imperial Paddock Pools is committed to helping residential and commercial pool and spa owners in Vancouver, Surrey, Richmond and throughout the Lower Mainland enjoy their pools or spas safely. After 60 years in the pool industry, we’ve compiled some safety tips below to keep swimmers safe and active all year long.

Before Your Swim

  • Check that the fence around your swimming pool and hot tub is in good condition and that gates have latches on the inside of the gate. The gate should be self-closing with a self-locking mechanism.
  • Make sure that the pool chemicals are clearly labeled and that the containers are childproof. Ideally, they should be kept in a locked area that has good air circulation.
  • Check to be sure that the pool rules are posted so that they are easily seen and legible. Pool regulation signs listing standard pool rules are available from your pool supply store.
  • Verify that the reaching assist (shepherd’s hook) and throwing assist (ring buoy) with a rope attached to it are in good condition.
  • Check that the first aid kit is close at hand, contents are replenished and that it includes a list of emergency telephone numbers.
  • It is always a good idea for the pool owner(s) to have both first aid and CPR training.

During the Swim

  • Completely remove the pool cover before anyone begins to swim.
  • Children must always have adult supervision who knows how to swim, get emergency help and perform CPR.
  • Children who cannot swim must wear a lifejacket or some type of certified personal floating device.
  • If your pool is deep enough for diving, remind swimmers to always think before they dive. Neck and back injuries from diving accidents can result in permanent paralysis.
  • Ensure there is no running on the pool deck.
  • Use non-breakable cups on the pool deck (no glass).
  • Keep pool deck free of towels, toys and other items that could be tripping hazards. Toys in particular can tempt children to the water's edge at inappropriate times.
  • Post and remind swimmers of the safety rules such as:
    • Never allow diving into above ground pools.
    • Feet first entries should be encouraged on all slides.
    • No one should ever swim alone.

In Case of Emergency

In case of a swimming emergency, remember to CHECK, CALL and CARE.

  • CHECK the injured person.
  • CALL 911 or your local emergency number immediately.
  • CARE for the injured person until help arrives.

Follow these steps to help ensure your pool remains safe all season long:

  • Completely remove the pool cover before any swimmer enters the water.
  • Children need to be supervised at all times by an adult who knows how to swim, get emergency help and perform CPR.

Safely Handling Pool Chemicals

If you experience any of the symptoms below while you’re handling or after you’ve handled pool chemicals, Imperial Paddock Pools recommends you take the following steps.

  • For eye emergencies, flush them immediately with water for 15 minutes and get immediate medical attention. Read your pool chemicals’ safe handling instructions to reduce the chance of eye injury or irritation.
  • For skin irritations, remove chemicals from your skin immediately by washing in water. Seek immediate medical attention.
  • If you inhale pool chemicals and experience a burning sensation in your nose or throat or if you start to feel dizzy, nauseous or ready to vomit or have trouble breathing, get fresh air immediately and seek medical attention.
  • If you swallow pool chemicals, call the Poison Control Centre immediately. Do not induce vomiting unless directly indicated by a Poison Control Centre official. Be sure to write the number for your local Poison Control Centre near where you store chemicals to reduce confusion in an emergency.
  • In case of fire, do not use a dry chemical fire extinguisher. Only use large amounts of water. If you cannot extinguish the fire quickly and completely, leave the area and call the fire department as soon as possible.
  • If your home or business experiences a chemical spill, immediately clean up any chemicals according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. If a violent reaction has occurred, contact the fire department immediately and they will instruct you on which steps to take until they arrive.
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