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The team from Imperial Paddock Pools in Vancouver knows that a good routine of pool equipment maintenance, as well as using the proper water treatment chemicals in the correct amounts, will do much to prolong the life of your water treatment system. There comes a time, however, when it makes sense to upgrade selected components of the system or even replace the entire system. Fundamentally, this can occur for two reasons:

  • Components become so worn that it costs more to repair them than it does to replace them.
  • Components of the system draw so much electricity, use so much water or other resources that replacing selected components or the entire system represents an overall cost savings.

In this regard, swimming pool and hot tub equipment has come a long way in the last 10-15 years. The equipment is more intelligent and:

  • Reduces operating costs by reducing the required filtration time, which in turn lowers your electricity costs.
  • Decreases amount of water treatment chemicals needed, which lowers your costs and makes your pool and backyard more eco-friendly.
  • Reduces time spent on maintenance.
  • Requires less space and plumbing.
  • Reduces noise from circulating pumps.
  • Lowers retrofitting costs.

Newer systems provide unprecedented operating and cost controls. For example, new systems can automatically test pool water chemistry and self-adjust and balance the water for optimum sanitation.

Installing a variable, or two-speed pump or installing a timer can save up to 75% on operating costs—as much as $1,200 per season, in some cases. Similarly, the new generation of heat pumps keep the water temperature perfect using the surrounding air to help heat your pool. A heat pump provides the comfort you want and energy savings up to 80% compared to gas heat. The newer systems also reduce chemical and water usage.

You can also install systems for remote access via the Internet and Wi-Fi, which means you can remotely adjust water temperature or change water treatment schedules, etc.

Ultimately, this reduces your costs and increases the hassle-free aspects of pool maintenance. The payback period (or return on your investment), is relatively quick when one factors in all of the cost savings.

Call us as we:

  • Specialize in assessing the need for upgrades and replacement of aging equipment, or helping you determine whether replacing your equipment makes sense from a cost perspective.
  • Only recommend upgrades or replacement of components that truly need it.
  • Develop system specifications unique to your pool and provide engineering where required.
  • Always provide estimates before doing the work.
  • Are easy to work with.

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